Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blessed Bliss: Finally, An Update!

Jesus loves me this I know!

Our little celebrity loves to wear sunglasses b/c she always gets such a huge reaction from people!

Josh and Courtney (at Monterey Bay) are an INCREDIBLE brother and sister to their Mei Mei

Sophie enjoys watering flowers and does it with such finesse, just like her great-grandpa "Charlie"

At 20 months, our Sweet Pea has an amazing personality that likes to play games, do tricks to astound her audiences, and has adorable facial expressions that say, "Go ahead, tickle me if you can catch me!"

Don't 'cha just love the little drool that comes out her mouth when she's concentrating?

Wow, it has been 2 months since I last updated my blog. Sorry about that. Summer has been so much fun for all of us filled with Mommy and Me swim lessons, 2 days a week of speech therapy, playing with fake food and plastic dishes (her new favorite pasttime), discovering The Wiggles on TV, learning new sounds and having a blast with each other. We all totally enjoy being with Sophie, so much so that Josh and Courtney sometimes fight over who gets Sophie. I read a Beth Moore Bible Study the other day that defined "Asher" a name given to a child as "blessed bliss". That defines our life with Sophie. She never stops amazing us with her incredible cuteness and personality.
Here are the Top Ten Things She Does to Amaze Us:
1. Hides her hand in her sleeve and then suddenly POPS it out like she's doing a disappearing hand trick with full-on facial expression that says, "TA DUH, can you believe it?"
2. Imitates our words and phrases with intonations in her own "Sophie-speak" and can say "Mama", "more", "apple", and "amen"consistently
3. She continues to increase her sign language vocabulary with about 70 words,
4. Sophie can make animal sounds of cows, ducks, horses, dogs, cats, sheep, & chickens,
5. Loves to dance along with the Wiggles and does the hand motions to "Taba Naba",
6. Likes to hide in a big carseat box and spontaneously play peekaboo around corners and doors,
7. uses her brother's laptop like she knows what she's doing-typing with both hands on the home row keys, using one finger to manipulate the built in mouse pad, and pressing buttons,
8. loves to do big people chores like feeding the dog, washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, and holding the dustpan to pick up dirt from the floor,
9. go outside with Daddy (Papa) to say goodnight to the moon, stars, birds, crickets, and grass,
10. give real pinched lip kisses and hugs to those she loves!!!

Hey, here's a great book for adoptive families recommended by Laurie Loudenback (China Travel Buddy): God Found Us You by Lisa Todd Bergren. It's one of those books that makes you cry. It's great for assuring your adopted child that " God knew you, and knew me, and knew when we'd fit perfectly together," in our forever family.