Friday, April 30, 2010

My Thoughts Exactly!

Starting today, I want to use my blog as a running journal of my life, not just a scrapbook of life with Sophie, although this is a good way for others to see what a special blessing she is for our family. It's just that I need a place log my collected thoughts, not so much for anyone reading it, but to help me figure things out.

I would love to have input from the blogging community on any thoughts presented here. For those of you new to blogging, please feel free to comment by pressing "comment" at the bottom. Create an account or sign in as anonymous but write you name in the body so I know who commented. It's easy and I'd love to read what you have to say!

So here goes...

We've lived here for over two months and it's tough living in a different place where you have no connections to people. After living in T.O. for the last 15 years, it's like traveling at full speed on the highway of relationships then all of a sudden coming to a complete traffic jam...not even creeping along...just dead stopped. I still maintain contact with my old friends, but I'm really ready to get some new ones started. Anyone have any suggestions or experience on making this happen?

One step in the right direction is that we finally found a church that we can call home and I think that will really get things going. I'm hoping that I'll get connected to a bible study, a playgroup, and/or by volunteering to serve others in someway it will provide opportunities to meet new people.

I realize that maybe God's plan for me right now might involve just relying on Him for companionship during this time and that would be OK too, but...I still need to be actively involved in something. That's how He made use my skills for others. It's just getting a little mundane around here. I know, I know, I need to start praying about it. So I guess that's where I'll start and hopefully by my next post I have something positive to post!

Until next time,

Lonely in the Hills


Monday, April 12, 2010

Sophie's Thoughts

My 2 year old thoughts on life...

I want to be just like Mei Mei!

my family is like the paparazzi! i enjoyed shopping in old town temecula... mostly cause i got "can-ee" and my very own water bottle!

It's all about me people! unst! unst! unst!

I love all kinds of animals! too bad the zoo didnt have an "elie"!

Mei Mei and I made brownies for our secret snack! shhh! dont tell mama!

i got a cape! they said i looked like a superhero called wonder woman!

Ayi and i colored these "ehhhs" for Easter!

Nonie gave me an Easter basket! the first thing i did was
bite the ear off the chocolate bunny!

Bubba and i had fun at the park! what is "titanic?"

Mei Mei and Bubba gave me this balloon after my surgery! i bounced right back!
"ahh ooo" Jesus!
(thank you)

Momma still thinks im a burrito!

Don't they know i'm only 32 inches tall?

I got beautiful "reee"!

"addie" is giving me chocolate before breakfast! no way! i love this Easter business!

another one of my skills is taking pictures with mei mei's camera!
i got both their heads in the shot all by myself!

I got a sandwich kiss from the birthday buddies!

happy 20th birthday to mei mei and happy birthday to uncle "yo-yo"!

green frosting on my mouth kept the saint patrick's day leprechuans
from pinching me!

being in the hospital was no fun! i couldnt use my hand! but

i was a happy camper once they put shrek in for me!

i still have a little hole in my mouth from after the surgery, but it shouldnt matter

unless i dont start talking within the year.

thanks for all your prayers everyone. time for me to go watch Elmo!

"ahhh uuuhhh ooooo"

(i love you)