Monday, April 12, 2010

Sophie's Thoughts

My 2 year old thoughts on life...

I want to be just like Mei Mei!

my family is like the paparazzi! i enjoyed shopping in old town temecula... mostly cause i got "can-ee" and my very own water bottle!

It's all about me people! unst! unst! unst!

I love all kinds of animals! too bad the zoo didnt have an "elie"!

Mei Mei and I made brownies for our secret snack! shhh! dont tell mama!

i got a cape! they said i looked like a superhero called wonder woman!

Ayi and i colored these "ehhhs" for Easter!

Nonie gave me an Easter basket! the first thing i did was
bite the ear off the chocolate bunny!

Bubba and i had fun at the park! what is "titanic?"

Mei Mei and Bubba gave me this balloon after my surgery! i bounced right back!
"ahh ooo" Jesus!
(thank you)

Momma still thinks im a burrito!

Don't they know i'm only 32 inches tall?

I got beautiful "reee"!

"addie" is giving me chocolate before breakfast! no way! i love this Easter business!

another one of my skills is taking pictures with mei mei's camera!
i got both their heads in the shot all by myself!

I got a sandwich kiss from the birthday buddies!

happy 20th birthday to mei mei and happy birthday to uncle "yo-yo"!

green frosting on my mouth kept the saint patrick's day leprechuans
from pinching me!

being in the hospital was no fun! i couldnt use my hand! but

i was a happy camper once they put shrek in for me!

i still have a little hole in my mouth from after the surgery, but it shouldnt matter

unless i dont start talking within the year.

thanks for all your prayers everyone. time for me to go watch Elmo!

"ahhh uuuhhh ooooo"

(i love you)


The Walrond Family said...

I enjoyed your blog--great family! What a lot we have in common!! Married our childhood sweethearts and knew our home would one day have a special Asian doll to make it come alive again! Your little Sophie is so much like the bra picture---Olivia loves trying on the bras! Isn't it great having older kids to "teach" our little ones the important things in life : ). GLad the surgeries have gone well for Sophie! Were you all in the original group 284 with LID 11-16-06? Your name seems so familiar. Anyway, congratulations on your 25th anniversary!! We will celebrate 30 this August! Like you, I'm so thankful to the Lord for a loving husband!

Jenn said...

Sooo precious!!! These all just made me smile!! I LOVE the burrito picture!!! Too cute!!!


Amy said...

just checking in. thanks for the update. LOVE the pictures!