Wednesday, May 12, 2010

She'll Talk Your Socks Off!

It's been 6 weeks since Sophie's fistula repair and I'm sad to say that there is still a fistula in her palate. Although it is a lot smaller than the last one, nevertheless it means she might need another repair in the future. The surgeon said this happens in only 15% of children and he'll fix it only if her speech is affected. The good part is that he'd bump up the plastic surgery on her lip and do the repair at the same time instead of waiting until she's 5.
With all that said, I can attest that with the last repair 6 weeks ago Sophie has been talking up a storm! It's amazing how all of a sudden verbally she has taken off full speed ahead. Don't get me wrong, I can't understand most of what she says because she's talking so fast and she's not forming the phonemes properly. but, speech therapy should fix that in time. I must admit that it's sooooooo good to hear her sweet, little voice and see her adorable, pink lips and tongue trying to get the words out. She's speaking in phrases and sentences now, as well as still using some signs.
Here's an update on some of Sophie's favorite activities. She enjoys dancing, singing, painting, and drawing. Her absolute favorite toy is her big, pink dollhouse fully loaded with furniture and dolls. She'll play with that house everyday for over 30 minutes, sometimes longer! She's learned to use scissors and will cut everything in sight too.
I'm enjoying my time staying at home with her. She is the light of my life. I'm loving every stage of life with Sophie Rose!"


The Richerts said...

We saw Dr U on Saturday -- jury is still out about whether Livi has a hole or her palate is just not closing yet and food is still coming up through her nose. We go back in four weeks. So exciting to hear that Sophie is talking so much -- can't wait for Livi to do the same. Love hearing the latest! Thanks for the update.

Laurie said...

Same here at our house- talking up a storm even though I can't understand all of it. :) Aaron LOVES singing his ABC's, but you really have to pay attention to figure out what letter he's on. :) Keep posting-I LOVE getting updates on you guys!

Jenn said...

Love the family picture!!!!

Wish I could hear sweet Sophie talk!!

Amy said...

That family picture is great!! Thanks so much for the updates! love reading them. That sophie sure is a cutie:-)