Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Sister

Sophie (Mei mei),

I Love you my little moon cake,

And I love your crooked smile.

Since you came from across the seas,

You made life better than it's been in a while.

I love your silly giggly laugh,

And I love watching you grow.

Everyword you say makes my heart smile,

It's hard not to let is show.

I love when you dance around the room

And I love the way you pat my back when we are hugging tight,

Your beautiful brown almond shaped eyes

always let me know when everything's all right.

I love how you use chopsticks to eat your rice.

And I love when your soft little hands are in mine.

When you twirl around in your princess dress,

I realize that this love is part of a perfect design.

I love your big kisses

And I love your little voice when you sing

God always knew you were the one for me

with all of the joy and love your bring.

I love you my little moon cake,

You are a slice of Heaven!




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The Richerts said...

So incredibly sweet!! Thanks for sharing!