Tuesday, March 17, 2009

we're finally through the tough part!

Tomorrow it will be 3 weeks since Sophie had her palatoplasty and I can finally say that she is back to her old self. She's beginning to drink milk from a cup normally now. She totally gave up the bottle and anything to do with sippy cups. I've had to spoon feed her her liquids and use a syringe to dribble some squirts in her mouth, always worried that she wasn't getting enough fluids. It's been trying to say the least.

She has slept through the night 2 nights in a row now. That is something she did since we first got her so it's been difficult for all of us. I'm feeling much better now that I have had my sleep too!

Sophie has wanted me to hold her all the time, so much so that my back was beginning to ache. I haven't had a chance to get my normal housework done and a cluttered house drives me batty. So now I don't have an excuse, hee hee!

I'm so anxious to get back to my weekly bible study on Daniel, take daily walks, and enjoy my sweet little angel's dynamic, happy-go-lucky personality.

Did you know Asians naturally squat a lot to play? A physical therapist told me that she has seen this phenomenom a lot but only in Asians. Caucasians don't squat to play. Sophie can play for at least 5 minutes in a squatting position. It's adorable! She's just like her great-grandpa...but we called it Filipino style.

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string cheese said...

Hi, its been a long time since I sent the little angel a message...
Hope you are doing well and it was so good to meet and see you for the first time, you are the best little angel that came into all of our lives....such a little doll, and love you so much, love always, autie kiki