Thursday, September 17, 2009

Can't You Just Stay Little Until Your Carters Wear Out?

Cluck cluck!
this is one overstuffed chick!

Trying to fly to no avail

Our little sweetpea will be a chick for Halloween

This is my favorite pose

Sophie's wearing her new hat (notice plastic tag thingy still on top) not caring that it clashes with her bib and shirt

Look at the delicate way she handles her "oh-so-precious" cupcake

As I was rocking Sophie before naptime, a tear formed in the corner of my eye. I realized my little baby was growing up way too fast! I must admit that I enjoyed changing her diapers, giving her a bottle as I cuddled her in my arms at night, watching all those Baby Einstein videos explaining what all the animals and shapes were, just basically doing all the baby stuff with my little cutie pie. Everyone knows that I've been loving her as much as possible and trying to catch her up on all she missed by living in an orphange, but all of a sudden it seems that she instantly turned into a toddler.

Her face looks more mature today. Her hair is longer, her body is leaner and taller. Her 18th month clothes are snug and most of her 12 month clothes don't fit anymore.

The biggest deal though is that for the last 3 days she's told me she has to go potty with her sign language. The first time this happened, not believing that she could possibly know what her body needed, I cheerfully sat her on the toilet for a little pretending. Well, much to my astonishment, she went #2! Now some might say it's a fluke but she has done this for 3 days now. I'm still thinking that the novelty will wear off soon and we'll be back to doing her business in the corner of the living room, but still...I am quickly realizing that she's growing up more and more each day. I'm not ready!!!! It wasn't my idea to start potty training. What's up with a little baby telling their mom that they're ready to grow up?
I'm really OK with waiting on the potty training thing until she's's fine to be a cute little complacent child who wants nothing more than to please her mommie. The terrible twos and threes are creeping up on me and I'm grieving for the loss of babyhood. God give me patience!

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Jenn said...

How precious is she!? Oh my! Love the cupcake picture!

I was looking at the pictures of KM from right after we got home with her. And she looked soooo little! I even put on some pants that were long on her, fully expecting them to fit her..and they looked like capris! :)

Our sweet girls are growing....exactly what we want them to do! :)