Friday, November 27, 2009

The Latest

Well, it's about once a month that I get to updating my blog. My days are filled to the brim with toddler activites, such as drawing, painting, playdough, tea parties, cooking, puzzles, and speech therapy. My kids are the joy of my days and I love being so busy as a mom.

Here's the latest: Frank and I are planning a big party celebrating our 25 wedding anniversary, complete with a cute little apple green flowergirl dress for Sophie. The picture is one of the pictures that inspired my party theme. I love the colors and design of this table. I'll post pictures after the event on Dec. 6th.
Sophie just turned two on Nov. 24, a Thanksgiving baby! She had a Hello Kitty themed party and loved all the attention. The best part was that she enjoyed all the presents with such glee.

Courtney is doing well in school, almost finishing up her 3 semester next week. She still pursues a child development focus with a TV/film media bent. Who knows where that will lead. All I know is that she wants to stay close to home so she can be close to her Mei Mei. She adores her little sister with an amazing passion.

Josh is also doing well in school because, as he puts it, he wants to get into a good 4-year university so he can move away from home as soon as possible. They are so different! Don't get me wrong, Josh simply adores his little sister too as she is crazy for him, but he likes peace and quiet. I think this is all show because it is him who wants to play with her all the time, trying to steal her attention by annoying her like big brothers are supposed to do.

Frank is actively looking for another job within the Boeing Company as his current one is fading away with this new administration and economy. Please pray that the right job comes along. We are not worried as we know God will continue to provide everything we need.

And me, well, I've taken the year off from teaching school, and God-willing, I will not return. I'm enjoying being a stay-at-home mom and as long as we can afford it, I will not work as a teacher. We are eating better because I have time to cook. But along with that, our midsections are getting a little fuller. We are spending more time exercising. That is a good thing.
Well, I promise to upload more pictures later.
Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Laurie said...

I LOVE that picture!! I bet you'll have a wonderful party! Hey- FYI- we're updating addresses over on the travel yahoo site- head over and add yours, okay? THANKS!!