Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Forever Family/Gotcha Day One Year Anniversary

Sophie's sooooo excited to dig into her Forever Family Day Celebration cake
Boy Scout Troop 719's littlest mascot

One blessed little girl to have such a loving brother and sister

Our family and the judge who helped us readopt Sophie through the California Juvenile Courts.

Sophie and her Papa celebrating being a forever family at the local Chinese restaurant.

One candle on her ladybug cake that signifies one year of being in the Light, being with the family that God wanted her to be in so she could know Him and grow to love Him with all her heart.

It was on December 8, 2008 when our family united with our sweet baby girl, Sophia Rose. This is known as Forever Family Day, or Gotcha Day in some circles. As we look back on that first day, we all agree it was a day that changed all our lives forever. Adopting a child has got to be one of the most incredible experiences a family can have. We are soooooo thankful that we didn't miss the opportunity. God led us down this amazing path full of the richest blessings anyone on earth can have.

The year flew by so quickly and Sophie has changed a bunch. She has grown 5 1/2 inches and gained 7 pounds! When we first got her she couldn't crawl, walk, sit up without toppling over, or even stand up alone as most 1 year olds can master. But she quickly learned with a little practice and exposure to the floor. Our special princess has learned so much over the last year with her favorite activities being reading books, helping around the house, doing puzzles, and watching Wiggles DVDs.

Although she has had a year full of firsts, i.e. birthday party, holidays, trips to the aquarium, ocean, desert, and museums, the one that will be the most special is the day she was first placed in her mama's arms forever.

Happy Forever Family Day, dear Sophie! Your family loves you with all their hearts!


Jenn said...

Happy Forever Family Day to you!! I so loved watching your family grow in China! Seeing your big kids interact with sweet little baby Sophie was a delight and a joy! Surely God had a perfect plan for Miss Sophie!! Yay God!

Laurie said...

What a beautiful post, Paula! I love the whole family shot- complete! :) Glad you had a fun celebration. And I ditto what Jenn said- seeing the big kids with Sophie was a joy!

strandfam said...

GOD IS SO GOOD!!! WOW what a joy it is to see you with your beautiful Sophie! God is true to His promises1 I rejoice with you in the gift Sophie is to your family!