Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas from the Eyes of a Toddler

Christmas is a time of remembering the birth of one very special little baby...Jesus Christ...sent down from heaven to be Savior of the world. Happy birthday, Jesus!

Here's a synopsis of what Christmas was like through the eyes of one very special little toddler...Sophie Rose...sent to us from God to help us know Him better.

I love all the ornaments on the tree and I'm happy my mama lets me rearrange them daily.

Santa is kinda scary. I want to take a peek at him at the mall but from really far away.

Cookies, candy, or anything sweet is a constant source of temptation as I can't get enough. I ask for cookies at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. More please!

Presents, what can I say. I figured out the whole gift thing on my birthday a month ago and it never seems to end. I love ripping open packages and I believe every gift is for me! Clothes don't excite me much. I want to play with every present I open right away and don't really care to open the next one. I just want to play with one!

I have my very own nativity and I like to play especially with the baby Jesus and the Wisemen's treasure boxes pretending to eat the food contained in them.

I love Christmas carols and on occasion, you can hear me trying to sing along with them. I like the one that says, "Gloooooooooooooooooooooooooo-ria!"

Out of all the food I tried this holiday, I must say that I like ham the best. Forget the mashed potatoes, just give me ham and apple juice and I'm set.

Now that I'm big enough to have my carseat turned around to facing the front, I love driving down the street looking at all the pretty houses lit up with bright colorful lights. I really like the "no-men", "ah-no-mos",and "ho, ho, ho" (snowmen, animals, and santa).

I adore all the excitement of parties, getting all dressed up in my party dress, dancing with my family, fun kids to play with, yummy cookies to devour, and stairs to climb. I could party all night and never get tired.

But the best part of Christmas is singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus and blowing out the candle for Him...over and over. I pray to Him every night and thank Him for the wonderful blessings He gives me daily. I love my Jesus and I know He loves me too.

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