Monday, March 15, 2010

Life is a Whirlwind!

In the last 74 days...

We have moved from our house of 15 years to the beautiful Anaheim Hills

We went to Children's Hospital and we scheduled Sophie's next fistula surgery for March 24th. Please Pray for our little one!

Sophie gives the best hugs now

She became our personal "Diet Hansen's Spokesperson"

We have taken Sophie to Disneyland 2 times and she loves it! Her favorite rides are the carousel, Dumbo, The Casey Jr. Train, and The Teacups

Sophie has mastered the art of walking in her sister's high heels

Josh and Courtney have been working together decorating the bonus room named, "The Lighthouse", complete with a multitude of various lights

Sophie learned how to drive...

We joined Auntie Rosie and Uncle Rocky in celebrating their 60th anniversary

We celebrated Chinese New Year at the local library

The Kids started Iron Chef Night! They pick a secret ingredient and make a top quality meal based off the ingredient

I enjoy the views from my backyard as well as from the hills I hike behind our house

    In the past 2 months we have also...

  • Packed and unpacked a hundred plus boxes

  • Rented our house in Thousand Oaks to a cute little family

  • Frank only lives 15 minutes (no freeways!) away from his new job with Boeing in Anaheim

  • Found lots of little problems in our house but were reminded not to complain in our luxuries

  • Josh started classes at Canyon High

  • Courtney attends the beautiful Fullerton College and loves her forensics class

  • Visted over 5 different churches in hopes of finding a new church

  • We got the blessing of Direct Tv with DVR!

  • Courtney and I got lost inside the South Coast Plaza Mall

  • Courtney's favorite frozen yogurt store, Yogurtland was discovered just 2 miles from our house!
  • Visited many high class garage sales for fun new bargains

  • Courtney got to see Nick Jonas in concert 2 times!

It has been a hectic last couple months with the move, but it has brought our family closer together. It has been hard not having any social activities but we have been able to have family game nights and spend more time together. We like driving around and discovering new places to go, but we do NOT like the Orange County traffic. We miss all of our friends but we know that God has plans for us here in The O.C. This is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives and I will continue to post how God shows his grace to us everyday!

Love you all,


(with the help of my almost 20 year old, Courtney)


Jenn said...

Wow...y'all have been busy!! Sophie is just an absolute DOLL!! So sweet! Love all the pictures of her!!

Amy said...

wow! that's crazy!
love sophie's smile. adorable!
I lived in fullerton for two years and really like it there. I went to Knott Ave. Christian Church, but i know a lot of people who when to Eastside Christian Church. My brother lives in Vacaville, so his church might be too long of a commute:-)
thanks for the updates and the pictures of your family!
hugs to you all!