Sunday, November 16, 2008

Showered with Love

Frank and I were showered by Troop 718 Boy Scout Parents at Janice and Martin Leung's home this afternoon! It was so much fun to be treated to an Asian-themed couples shower hosted by Janis, Linda, and Sandee. Everyone brought in a delicious dish to share ranging from Chinese chicken salad, egg rolls, and sushi to roasted pork and fortune cookies. Linda made a beautiful cake which was 6 pastel-colored baby blocks that spelled out "SOPHIE." Pink Chinese lanterns were blowing in the wind and pink M&M filled take out boxes as favors sprinkled the tables. Every little detail was so well thought out. We felt so honored by our friends who wished us only the best in our upcoming journey. It was wonderful to get together and share our happiness with a great group of people. The Troop blessed us with a beautiful, much-needed car seat and other miscellaneous gifts. We left a big smiles on our faces.

The best part is Janice has invited us over after Thanksgiving to teach me how to make congee, a well-known rice mush that all Chinese kids grow up on. She also volunteered to have us come over, once Sophie arrives, to show Sophie that there are Chinese people just like her in America!

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