Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We Have our Chinese Visas!

Today I drove about 90 minutes into Hollywood to the Chinese Consulate to get 4 Chinese visas stamped into our passports. Because I didn't want to make that drive again (imagine the traffic through 3 major LA interchanges on the 101) so I paid the extra money to get a 1-day rush. I waited around for 4 hours and then paid big money to pick them up at 2:30. This was just one more important step toward getting our little girl. It seems this whole adoption process is just one series of things to get done after another. But the good part is that that humungous list is ever so small now. I think all we have left to do is pay for our incountry travel, do some laundry, finish packing the rest of our suitcases, get Al to take care of Chloe (our dog), clean our house so it's ready for us when we get back, and confirm Sophie's pediatrician appointment for Dec. 19th. Only 6 things left to do! Watch out China, here we come!

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