Saturday, October 4, 2008


Courtney is a successful college student who loves having the freedom of sleeping in until 10:00 before going to class. Her favorite class is speech (of course). When she's not working at Mrs. Field's (yep, it's been a year since she started), she out with Steven Milbourn. He is a quiet, sweet, Christian musician who enjoys doing crazy, fun things with Courtney and her friends. He's such a good sport. They make a cute couple. We parents approve!
Courtney's interests are all connected to having fun! She enjoys going to concerts, Disneyland, and cyberspace whenever possible. Courtney is active at church where she is a leader for the junior high girls and still loves hanging out with Marty in the college group on Sunday nights. We are sad that we don't get to see her much as she is always out and about with her friends, working, or studying...not!
We are proud of how she is growing up, making good choices, and learning how life works. She is most excited about meeting Sophie in China and can't wait to bring her home.

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