Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I Named my Blog "Fireflies and Crickets"

When I think of whimsical, wonderful, happy things I think of fireflies and crickets. I wanted my new blog to be just that...whimsical, wonderful, and full of happy things. I wanted it to be somewhere you could go to get a smile on your face.

What do fireflies and crickets have to do with the whimsical? Well, a while back I had the opportunity to go to visit my brother Duke who lives in Ottawa, Illinois. The most memorable part of this trip was experiencing fireflies for the first time in my life as an adult. You see, we don't have fireflies in California., where I was born and raised. When the sun set in Illinois, I was simply bedazzled by how the tiny little critters glowed off and on and flew around ever so slowly. They hovered just about 5 feet from the dewy grass which made catching them quite easy and loads of fun! My sister Sog and I acted like two little kids as we caught a million (?) little glow bugs in a mason jar. So you see, fireflies remind me of happy, carefree times just like when I was a kid.

Crickets are another story. They are quite the amazing creature who make music each night by rubbing their wings together. Crickets are quite the smart insect who somehow elude humans and seem to hide in just right place in my house so I can't capture them. Beside all of these interesting facts, the Chinese people think they are good luck. Well, my little Sophie is my symbol of good luck, or better yet, she is evidence of God's amazing love for us. Crickets remind me of my beautiful Chinese daughter and the love my Savior has given all of us who believe in Him.

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