Friday, October 24, 2008

We'll Probably Travel in Early December!

Woohoo! We received our referral approval today from China. That means we'll be traveling in early December! What a wonderful Christmas present from God! I can't believe we are really going. It's been such a looooong wait! If you count the years it took making that final decision to adopt, we've been waiting about 3 1/2 years. We're all so excited here. Frank is thinking about the financial part of the trip but secretly relieved that China approved him even though he thought they would think he was too old (hee, hee). Courtney is worried about taking her finals in college but can't wait to dress her up in all the cute clothes in her closet. Josh is reverting to being a little kid "Just one more time" as he wanted to be pushed in the shopping cart at Trader Joe's but told us that he would stay home to save money (no way is that going to happen!). I am just electronically informing everyone I know about our great news! There is definitely a buzzing excitement in the air at the Gammariello home!


strandfam said...

Oh Paula, I am rejoicing with you today! Yes God is so good, faithful, and true to His promises!
I can't wait to see beautiful Sophie in your arms. I would love to get our little ones together for some play time. It will be so fun!
With much love, Sarah

Paula said...

Yes, let's plan a play date. You're right, I can't wait to hold Sophie in my arms, to rock her to sleep, to teach her about the wonderful Savior who planned that she would one day come live with her forever family in America. It's definitely a dream come true. I've never been so excited for anything in my life.

strandfam said...

Paula, I was tagged this week on my blog, so now I am tagging you. Check my blog for details.
Love, Sarah