Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Made in China by God

The flamingo stance

Can't you just hear her squeal in delight?

Our little precious girl may have been made in China, but we know our God created her just for us. She's oozing with personality, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm. Today you would've thought she was Edison inventing the lightbulb as she figured out how to pull a little toy dog along with a string! I especially love how she stands like a flamingo, with one foot on top of the other. She is an absolute delight from her head to her toes.


Laurie said...

Loved these last 2 posts. She certainly is a joyful little girl- just precious! And the shoes? TOO CUTE! :)

Paula said...

Hi Laurie! Next to the Chinese squeaky shoes, Robeez are the best little shoes and she can't take them off easily!

string cheese said...

Hi, its auntie kiki, just loving the pictures, and she is getting so big so fast, so precious..love you all, kiki/killer

string cheese said...

Finally more info as what is going on with the little ANGEL, and family...she is getting so big and loving, just want to squeeze and pinched her cheecks...such a clown, love and hugs, all over...auntie kiki/killer/lucky