Wednesday, May 27, 2009

18 Months Old

Here's what Sophie can do at 18 months:

use her feet to push a ride on toy,

give a high five followed by a "pound it" fist and "exploding" fingers,

use a shovel to fill a bucket with sand and dump it out,

pull a toy dog by a string,

put trash in the trashcan,

pretend to talk on the telephone,

climb a chair,

go up and down steps safely,

do all the hand motions for pat-a-cake, wheels on the bus, & eensy weensy spider,

use about 55 words in sign language,

stack 9 blocks,

pretend to feed a doll,

pretend to eat a picture of a cupcake in a book,

hold her pencil with the correct grip,

give puckered lip kisses,

give an occasional hug,

smash a bug on the sidewalk,

rock on a rocking horse,


use a spoon and fork,

can point to her ears, eyes, nose, ears, teeth, head, neck, toes, knees, hands, & bellybutton,

can make the sheep(baaaa) , dog (hhhhhh), and cow (mmmmm) sounds,
and even helps Mama do chores.

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string cheese said...

Hi, It's Saturday. and not doing anything but did go to the market to get dog food and string cheese for Killer.
Sophie is getting sooo smart, which is very good and learning more sign words....and getting cuter every day, such a funny will chat later and hugs and kisses to all...auntie kiki/killer