Friday, January 9, 2009

Gotcha Day 1 Month Anniversary

Our little Pink Satin Eggroll

Sophie loves her new found American friends!

Yesterday was the one month anniversary of the day we met Sophie Rose for the first time-in the adoption world this is known as "Gotcha Day". It's hard to believe we've only had our sweet baby girl for only 4 weeks. It really seems like she's been part of our family forever! I'm still totally amazed at how God placed this little girl in our family...she fits in perfectly, she's easy to take care of, so happy and cheerful, the life of the party, and she even looks like her Uncle Joe! :) (He thinks all babies look like him). God knew what He was doing when he placed her in our hearts so long ago. He knew just what we needed. I believe since the beginning of time, He had a plan for this little girl to be in our arms. It was always meant to be that we would have a family of 5. We are sooooo happy and enjoying being new parents again. Every little event is so much fun! We all can't wait to give her a bath and watch her face light up as she splashes half the water out of the sink all over the floor and countertop then pulls the plug and wonders where all the water went. She is adorable and we are so in love!

We are so happy you're part of our forever family, Soapy!

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