Sunday, December 7, 2008

courtney here again!!!! i finally have a couple minutes to myself to blog again!!!! thank you so much for all your prayers.... the flight went by so fast. and i think i slept for more than half of it. and ate the rest. they gave us so much food!! haha beijing was a really cool city... here are some of the pix that i took. ive taken over 600 pictures since we've left!

at the great wall i felt like a celebrity. at least four people wanted to take picutes with me. they were so nice. maybe they just thought my outfit was crazy or they had never seen anyone so beautiful..... jk jk

this is at one of the watch towers with the great wall behind me!!!

beijing: home of the 2008 summer olympics..... and michael phelps beautiful victories!!

the sun was starting to set with the great wall behind it.....GORGEOUS!!!

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Sog said...

way cool pictures. Not much longer!!