Friday, December 12, 2008

December 12th 2008

my awesome siblings and i on the a few of the many steps of some dude's masoleum.

i have the coolest parents ever!!!! hahaha pigeons everywhere!

Lyla got this super cool hat for me!! we were matching!!!

all packed up and ready for my first flight!! guanzhou here we come!!


string cheese said...

Hi, just came in from outside, working in the back, another wood pallet bit the dust,was on line this are reallycoming out must be the people....where are you guys off to now...its suppose to rain until next week...light rain this to where your at, this is nothing....Sophie must be use to the cold weather...funny hat...take care and will chat, you all, great aunt kiki/killer

Lisa said...

Sophie is an absolute doll! I'm so happy for all of you, and it looks like you are having a fantastic time! Love to you, Aunt Lisa

Sog said...

She looks good in hats. Maybe that's cuz her hair hasn't quite grown. Josh thinks it's a little longer now :) Maybe it just went from flat to fluffy after her baths.