Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Going Home!!!

I can't tell you how much i love being a big "jie jie". Sophie is the cutest little half american citizen around. today we went to the consulate and she was sworn in with a whole bunch of little kids. and tommorow when we hit the ground she will be a proud american!!! its so exciting!!!
sorry i dont have any pictures from today.... we are all packed up and the cords for the camera are in some suitcase. but its also getting you used to not having new pictures everyday. cause who knows how long we will be able to keep that up when we are home. :) plus you guys will all be able to meet her!! hahah
we are leaving from the hotel at six tommorow morning! ugh... so early. but then we are home two hours later. oh the humanity of it all!! well.... i guess i have to try to get some sleep before the big journey back!!!
thanks for all your prayers! love ya all!!

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string cheese said...

Hello, hope you are all home and nice and warm and dry....its cold wet and windy....
i know its nice to be in your own bed, with all the lumps and holes....tee hee....hope you had a good flight, and everyone was happy to be home again....now...
Sophie is wondering where are we now??? and why is it not so cold....Welcome back Family of "5"
love, hugs and kisses, auntie kiki/killer