Monday, December 15, 2008

GZ day #3

A spur-of-the-moment photo shoot on the famous red couch at the White Swan Hotel

Sophie and I in front of a beautiful flower garden complete with panda-shaped bushes
Ge-Ge means big brother...Mei Mei means little sister...Jie Jie means big sister

Our roller coaster maniac loves going on the elevator up to the 45th floor for breakfast

Finally we get a picture where Miss Smiley Pants isn't smiling...she was mad at Daddy for wrapping her up like a burrito in her bath towel

This was a lazy day in Guangzhou. We had to hang out in our room for a couple of hours just in case our visa paperwork needed adjustment. The kids and Frank played rummy while Sophie and Mommie took a long nap. Then we went to the Chen Family Museum to see some intricate embroidery and wooden carvings. No one was really into the museum so off we went to Shamien Island for all those last minute souvenirs and gifts. We're still not completely done with shopping. Tomorrow we'll take a taxi to finish up. While in the bus, the kids, ages 8-18, joyously sang songs praising Jesus! It was awesome when all the adults sang along. But, the best part of the day was when our whole travel group went out to dinner at The Banana Leaf Thai restaurant. Most of us got up and danced with some wacky waiters to the tune of Day-O. The food was Chinese-Thai and extremely delicious. The kids have found a great friend in 13 year old Mitchell Washington D.C. They even played Chinese Hacky Sack in the hotel hallway when we all returned. We're really going to miss our new-found friends when we leave in less than 2 days. We've had a wonderful time!


string cheese said...

Hi, its raining like dogs and cats..and going to be, until Wednesday....lot of the freeways have accidents, snow in the mountains, Josh you should be here, snowboarding as I know Uncle Joeys; son and his boys are up there snowboarding....its a steady rain with wind....
Getting close to time zero for all of you to come are great, need, hugs, kisses and miss all of you...auntie kiki/killer

Sog said...

I love the elevator picture. She cracks me. Josh, you're great to play along. What a good Ge Ge. I hope you got enough sqeaky shoes. My friend told me last night that they use them so that they know where the kids are over there. Makes sense. Sophie looks like she'll definitely be on the go once she starts walking on her own and you'll need to know where she is. The squeaks will probably drive you nuts after awhile but it's so dang cute now! Enjoy the last couple of days there. Love you lots!

Lisa said...

I absolutely love the elevator picture - and the look on her face when she was mad at Daddy. Hmmm, I'm sure Daddy made up for the burrito trick really quick. I can't wait to see everyone and to meet our newest edition. Have a safe trip home. Love to you all.