Thursday, December 11, 2008


its me again! just giving you an update on what we did today. for the most part it was a slow day but i did get to ride the bus again. the bumps are so much fun!

We ended up at some art museum. this was definetly my favorite exhibit. it was so amazing that it put me right to sleep in mommie's arms.

Courts, Joshie and I really liked these bells. but we were all a little more entertained with my links. they are def my fave.

but somehow we ended up in a jade shop at the end of the tour. cant they see i'm a local. these white people are the suckers!!!

i loved when big sissy even squirted the water in my mouth. it was kinda like a game. and then daddy made cheerios stick to her face. she looked really funny. but i had fun anyway.


Nap time! i borrowed Courtney's blankie. and daddy's arm. this is the life!!

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