Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shop till We Drop

i love walking around in my new squeaky shoes!!!

yummy!!! mutton!!!!

thoughts from mommie:

We've been in our final destination, Guangzhou, for the last 2 nights. It is really a large metropolis with lots of skyscrapers, people, cars, and! The best part is that we reunited with our travel group from Beijing. There are 8 families with adorable children ranging from 1 year to 6 years old. They're like family now. Today, Josh was sick so Frank stayed at the hotel with him while Courtney and I went to the famous Shamien Island for some serious shopping. It was so much fun buying lots of squeaky shoes for "Soapy" in various sizes. I don't know if you can buy them in the US but they are a big hit with all the adoption families. I bought 4 different pairs in pink, white, black...but I think I'll go get some more tomorrow. One can never have too many shoes, especially for $5 each pair!!! I had to buy a traditional tea set for all those upcoming tea parties I plan on having. This is one Chinese custom that I love! Tea is so soothing. Soapy has come to the conclusion that I'm more than just a nanny. She wants to come to me all the time, smiles when she sees me, reaches her hands out to me when someone else is holding her, and prefers me to feed her when she goes to sleep. This mommie thing is wonderful! It's great for one's self-esteem!

Frank, Mr. Practical, asked while feeding Sophie rice cereal, "Honey, can we get another one of these?" I think he's smitten with our little girl and head-over-heels in love with her! I knew he would be.

Courtney said that it's hard missing anyone at home because she's so in love with Sophie. While holding her hands as she walked down the hallway testing her squeaky shoes, Courts said, "She's growing up so fast and we've only had her for five days!" That pretty much expresses everyone's thoughts and feelings at this point. Until tomorrrow when we receive Sophie's American step closer to home.


string cheese said...

Morning here, in must be a Grandma Janet thing...talked to her and she had just finished her breakfast and her and Mike going shopping, need TT again...sun is out but cold and going to have rain, about 2" and snow in the mountains, had some yesterday...Enjoy the time there, and come home soon, we all miss all of you so take care and hug, kisses and love, auntie kiki
Frank break out the greens$$$$$ :>)

Sog said...

How funny that Courts thought that. Yesterday I thought the same thing after Josh said he thought she had more hair now. I think it's because we missed her 1st year, it seems like she goes from zero to 60 in a second every time you show her something new. Granted, she is a "genius" but it must be exciting for her to show off all she already knows for her new family because they think it's better than apple pie. Speaking of food, what was that thing she was eating? Love her skinny legs and sqeaky shoes. She really does have personality. It's probably like Hannakah where you get to open up a new aspect of who she is everyday. Love you! Sog