Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's finally here!!!

courtney here. its pretty early in the morning. i havent gone to bed yet. but we are leaving for the airport in about two hours. just a whole bunch of excitement and nervousness! i dont even really know what to expect. i've been sitting here on the computer updating my ipod, clearing my camera memory, and playing games. i dont think any of us can sleep. mom and dad both came in here cause we're all awake. it kinda reminded me of father of the bride, when they cant sleep before the big day. but minus the basketball and snow. haha.

i just cant believe that me sitting here will never be the same because when we come home there will be a precious little girl here. everything is going to be different. i cant wait to be in china. but i dont know what china will be like. will they give us weird looks cause we are Christians? but thats the least of my worries... the plane flight is going to be so long... but not as long as we have been waiting for sophie to come home!!

mom dad and i prayed together tonight. it was so calming. and hearing my dads voice as we prayed assured me that he is going to love sophie. he is trying to open his heart to her. i am so thankful that we were chosen to be her family. but just knowing how many people are praying for us makes me know that we will be okay on the flight and for the journey of her life..... well i think i'm going to try to get a couple hours of sleep if i can. although the more tired i am the more i will be able to sleep on the plane i hope. but then again we have benadryl!!!! hahaha. i just hope we only have to use it to make us relax, and not for sicknesses. their are so many bugs going around. :( anyway..... these were just some of my last minute thoughts before we are blogging from CHINA!!!! thanks for reading!! we love you!!!
-COURTNEY, proud big sister <3


Traci said...

Want you to know we are praying for you all! So exciting! We leave out on Dec. 17th, right behind you! I'm excited to follow your journey!
Traci Kendrick

Anonymous said...

What an exciting day for the entire family. I'm so happy for all of you, and I can't wait to meet my new little niece. It is said that "no person fully has joy unless they live in love." With all the love Sophie has waiting for her from you, her life will truly be filled with joy. Enjoy every minute of this wonderful experience. Love to you all~ Aunt Lisa

suzie said...

so wonderful to hear and be apart of all the fun and exciting times you are having. thank you lord for being the blessing that we need each day

sogemail said...

Yeah! I'm so excited that you're finally on your way to pick up my new niece. I'm praying for a safe journey, and that all your hearts are just filled with love at first sight and hugs that first meeting. Be sure to give her a big tight squeeze from her "favorite" Auntie Sog. Bugz and Cricket are looking over my shoulder and telling me to make sure I let you know that they can't wait to see her too! Cricket can't wait to play, and Bugz says she'll watch guard over her. Have fun and enjoy every minute of this great adventure. God is so good. Love you all.