Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where the River Meets the Sea by Sophie

Nihao to all my new peeps in America! today i'll be reporting for my new family. we visited the orphanage where i spent the first year of my life. we were welcomed with this lit up screen with my name on it. i felt like a celebrity! it is a really nice orphanage with marble floors with clean, shiny, new furniture. they took good care of me. these guys played with me a lot.

this is me waving bye to my friends and nannies who were up on the second balcony!! tootles! i'm going to America now!

she loved me very much. she even started to cry when i was left.

the visit was a lot of fun. mommie and daddy thought i was going to cry and want to stay, but im really excited to be part of my new family. :)

Lyla slept in the crib next to mine at the "jiangyin children's welfare institution".

we celebrated my first birthday today! mommie and daddy found this really yummy cake and even lit a match in place of a candle! i nearly ate the whole thing myself. i definitely don't have any issues with sugar and fat content!

i stuffed that whole cake in my mouth. it made a mess but it was definetly worth it!

my new family and i visiting the bridge in my hometown. this is the biggest river in china called Yangtze. the bridge in the backgroung is longer than the golden gate bridge. jiangyin is the place where the river meets the yellow sea. i thought it was kinda a neat place for me to i'm leaving my old life and traveling across the sea to my new life.

my popeye/ smile/fart/ cute face... yah...i finally had a big bowel movement today...phew...i feel much better

this purple cracker was DELICIOUS! i worked on it for quite a while. mom tried to give me something healthy, but no way, give me cookies!

mommie even blew up this big beach ball for me. we all took turns hitting it back and forth. it was as big as i am.

winnie the pooh isnt nearly as cute as i am in this outfit!

we took a river boat ride. i loved staring at all the flashy bright lights while we were waiting. but then i fell asleep on courtney in the boat. what a day. and tommorow, our tour guide, jenny, is even going to take us to a museum!! i cant wait!!!


Sog said...

I don't know about you, but I'm falling more in love with her each day. I love seeing her pictures. It's like turning pages to see more of her characteristics, personality, and who she really is. She looks like she truly is head over heels for her new family. How blessed she is. She looks like she'll be the shortest and smartest in the class like her mommie;) I can't wait to teach her to play softball and football. Josh, you teach her softball and basketball. Frank, teach her to balance the checkbook and invest in the stockmarket. Maybe she can give us tips on some good trades. Paula can teach her to be crafty and how to bargain shop. I can't wait to find out what all she will teach us. It's usually the ones we're trying to teach that give us the biggest lessons in life. Love you all. I'll try you late (11pm) tonight my time.

string cheese said...

hi, it's auntie Kiki, from the funny you, love you, and a whole lot of kisses and hugs....

string cheese said...

Hello, we will all be excited to see you and give all the kisses, and hugs, you can take.....healthy, foods are from the pass, junk food....she will learn all the good stuff and as we all will share everything with her, and teach her, everything Grandpa Tacadena taught all of us...except the Filipino bad will have good teachers, like your Mommie, Daddy, big sister, Courtney and brother, Josh. You are blessed to come into a family with open arms, and will love you always....even on TIME you, great auntie kiki/killer

KT said...

We love seeing all of your pictures. Glad you are enjoying Nanjing. So glad you now have pictures of where Sophie spent the first year of her life.