Sunday, December 7, 2008

Last day in Beijing

After a great night's sleep, we had breakfast with our new found best friends...the other 4 families in our travel group who went to Beijing. We tried some weird stuff like congee, steamed dumplings with something unusual in the middle, and fried mashed potatoes (Josh and Courtney's favorite). Our group went to an awesome international worship service where people freely sang Christmas songs and prayed for all the nations. It was really a spirit-filled service among a nation of ungodly people.

Then off we went to Tianneman Square and the Forbidden City to see some pretty amazing buildings and a huge picture of Chairman Mao. It wasn't as cold today so we enjoyed just walking around with a million other Chinese nationals. The highlight though was going inside the Olympic Birds' Nest. It was so exciting to see it upclose and personal. It is huge and an amazing piece of architecture. We bought lots of souvenirs because Frank loves bartering with the locals. He must have "sucker" written on his forehead.

We "enjoyed" a traditional Peking Duck dinner, sitting at a 12-seater round table. Again we tried some unusual foods like this slimy, greasy stuff that I thought was beef fat but later found out was some kind of squash saturated with oil. Ugh! I can truthfully say I'm tired of Chinese food and can't wait to start eating peanut butter and jelly!

After a long day in Beijing, we flew to Nanjing in the Jiangsu Province. We're staying at a pretty fancy hotel that includes white bathrobes and slippers, of which Josh immediately donned. We told him not to get accustomed to such fancy ammenities unless he intends on getting a good job.

It was great to see a crib set up in our room when we arrived. REALITY is settling in! First thing I did was get Sophie's diaper bag ready for Gotcha Day! Our guide, Jenny, informed us that we will meet our sweet little dumpling tomorrow afternoon at 2:00pm. I can't believe we've only been in China for 2 days. Time is flying and we've already clocked in approxiately 16 1/2 hours of flight time with even more to go.

Courtney has gotten a cold again, but the good news is the rest of us are healthy. Please continue to pray for good health for all of us and that Sophie will make eye contact with us tomorrow. Does anyone know how to make a bottle with formula? Ha, ha! I've got to learn that one because I nursed my other two. Gotta go to bed...big day tomorrow! I got all your comments and appreciate you all!


Sog said...

Hope you took pictures of the food. So today is the BIG DAY! I keep trying to think of what you're doing. Nice pictures. It helps give my thoughts a picture to go with them. Can't believe Courtney got sick again. (computer germs?)Hope you took all the stuff to get her better. I'm still praying. Hope it's love at first sight today. Hope Sophie's smile melts all your hearts and she falls right back in love with you all too.(immediately) She's gonna be one blessed little girl. Don't forget to give her my tight squeeze. Can't wait to see her picture. I'll send it to mom.
Love you,

Lisa said...

Sounds like things are going great, and you are taking in a lot of the local scenes. I've been thinking about you all day, knowing today is it! The day you have finally waited for. My love to all of you....take lots of pics and I can't wait to hear all the stories from start to finish.
Love ya, Lisa

string cheese said...

Morning, from Perris..liked the pictures, keep them coming..its sunny here but cold at night, chance of rain...but you guys can take the cold weather...especially where your prayers are with all of you so take care, and a hug, kiss, pinch from Killer and auntie Kiki....look forward to seeing all of you, tourist...