Monday, December 8, 2008


this is right after we arrived at the civil affairs office. sophie cried for a full hour.
but she finally looked at mommie....

this is the official picture that will show up on Sophie's adoption certificate

it's time to go home so we put on her mice hoodie that the orphanage dressed her in

it only took 4 hours to get a smile out of her when she became comfortable with us four babbling baboons gawking at her and cheering her on when she moved her feet, did a pushup, looked at Daddy, and she finally reached her car keys

we even cheered when she sat up

daddy's little princess

we were worried that josh wouldn't attach to her but he was the one who wanted to hold her all the time and be up in her face

we decided to "girl her up" by putting a ribbon on her head

yeah, she can do a push up but can't quite figure out how to crawl
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i love my little baby sister
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and after a little formula...
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...she is sleeping quietly in her crib like an angel


Sog said...

YEAH! She's beautiful. They did one of the surgeries I see. She has a great smile:) How precious she is. Praise God. Our little Sophie is finally a part of the family. She looks pretty big. Was she heavier than we predicted or right on the money. Okay, did you give her a big, tight squeeze for me. Start getting her used to Auntie Sog's name. Bugz and Cricket are sleeping right now but they want to lick her (kisses) and say hello too. I can't wait to hold her, hug her and kiss her, and spoil her! Congratulations. Love you guys. Hope she sleeps well for you, warms up with her radiant personality and smiles all day tomorrow for you. Have a great couple of bonding days and know we're all thrilled here back at home. Thanks for letting God use you and making a difference in her life. Thanks for giving me another neice to love. Play her one of your lullaby cds;)Have a blast getting to know her!
Love Sog

strandfam said...

Oh Paula and family, Sophie is BEAUTIFUL! We are rejoicing with you today! What a gift she is! We have prayed for you as a family, and every time you have come to mind I have been praying! I will be praying that Sophie continues to have peace in her heart and bond with you. Praying you all get the rest you need. Can you believe it?!! You have your little girl!!!! God is so good and has been so faithful! Praying you will enjoy this time together as a family,making many special and unforgettable memories. Sending you love, The Strand family

"Every good and perfect gift is from above" James 1:17

laura e. said...

oh gammariellos i am so excited for you all! sophie is so beautiful and happy. you all have an overabundance of love to give her and it is so great that you have brought her into your family. i really can't wait to meet her! and anytime you need a babysitter, i'm there.

<3 lauraeast

Marcie said...

Welcome Sophie Rose... What a wonderful smile you have. I'm your cousin in California and I can't wait to see you and give you a big fat kiss. You are in a great family now. They will give you more love than you can 1magine. Hug them well and the world is yours. I'll see you soon... Hugs and Kisses

Naomi said...

Oh my goodness!!! She is so beautiful!!! Rejoicing with you all and God's precious little gift to you!!

Praying for you,


cheryl miller said...

What a beauty! How sweet it is to see you together as a family. I will pray for you constantly.
Cheryl (awaa friend)

KT said...

We rejoice with you that Sophie is finally in your arms!!! What a cutie. We will continue to pray that her heart feels safe with you. May you be able to soak up every moment of this new season of being a family of 5

The Walkers said...

Sophie Rose is gorgeous!! Congratulations to all of you. We will continue to pray for all of you as you begin to bond as a family.

Shannon W.
AWAA Family

Anonymous said...

How precious! I am so excited for you and her!! Can't wait to meet her. I just wanted to cry when I saw her. Am very happy for you! Love, Sue Wiggins

Anonymous said...

Hi Frank, Paula, Josh Courtney and Sophie,

I bet that was the longest hour ever...but what a reward, that beautiful smile! We love seeing Courtney's pictures. I had the boys come look at the one of Josh holding Sophie. Very cute. They even thought so. I was looking at all the photos in the wrong order...I finally figured out the the blog really starts from the bottom. It made so much more sense then! It sounds like it is the most amazing trip. I'm so happy for all of you!