Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Silly Star of Christmas

With all the busyness of the season, we finally had time to sneak in a Christmas photo. Here is Sophie with her new Veggie Tale movie, "The Star of Christmas". We think Sophie is our star this year!

Sophie has so many facial expressions that make us all laugh with joy. Here she is scrunching up her face as she smiles the biggest grin.

Getting ready to blow a kiss.......She can even blow kisses upon command. It's the most wonderful thing to have your child understand your words and show affection to anyone who is going out the door.

MMMMMMMMM...ya! I love you! The grin says it all!

Here's her eyebrow raising expression...deer in the headlights.

Sophie IS a hug waiting to happen! She discovered her barefeet today and wouldn't keep her socks on. Of course I had to nibble on her toes before putting them back on her...a million times!

And finally, a classic "getting ready for her bath" photo shot. She's ready for a dip in the sink, complete with rubber ducky and hooded towel. Today I was the queen of multi-tasking...Sophie took a bath in one sink and I washed dishes in the other. Boy, I'm good!

To all my students:

Many of my 2nd grade students and their families have been following along on my blog. I can't wait to take her to my school for show and tell. All 20 of my students are going to love her! As soon as I told them that I was going to go to China to adopt a little girl, they were all so excited to learn some basic sign language, Chinese words like "ni hao and xie xie", and make some Chinese art projects. I'm sure Sophie will love to see all their sweet faces and make them smile.

Hi Alexandra, Ashley, Austin, Bijan, Cali, Casey, Cody, Hayley, Jack, Luke, Mitchell, Paige, Nastia, Rachel, Sam, Sarah, Tia, Toni, Warner, and Victor!!!!!! I miss you guys! I'll bring Sophie in sometime in January for a visit! Be good and learn a lot from Mrs. Spahr!

Love, Mrs. G.


Sog said...

Just thought I'd say Hi!. Miss you all, especially the cookie monster. Cute pictures. Love those little toes! See is Sophie likes the giggle bear for me. Remember to pretend to be the one giggling ;) I watched word world again today. Sophie will like it soon and become the only spelling bee champ in the family.
Aunt Sog

Christine Wright said...

Oh Mrs. G!! We have followed your blog every single day since you left. Even my husband, Ryan, would check your blog every day for new pics and updates of your amazing and joyous journey. We were almost sad when you came back from China because we knew the daily injections of joy would be over. We had become addicted! Thank you for letting us share in your family's beautiful experience. Sophie has brightened so many of our days over the past few weeks. We are grateful and you are blessed! Alexandra will go bezerk (sp?) when you bring Sophie in to school - she's followed you every step of the way and she can't wait. We miss you and can't wait to see your beautiful princess in person.
The Wright Family
Ryan, Christine, Alexandra, Jack & Lauren :-)